▪ What's the date for Everybody's Art Show?  Saturday, June 18, 2016. 
▪ Where?  The San Bernardino County Fair, 14800 7th Street, Building #2, Victorville, CA 92395.
▪ Directions?  If you're heading north up the I-15:  Exit at Roy Rogers, and turn right.  Continue on Roy Rogers, and it becomes La Paz.  Left onto 7th Street (also called Business Loop 15), then left into the Fair entrance--you'll see a big sign that says FAIR, and ENTER; and you may notice a smaller street-sign that says Desert Knoll Drive.  OR, if you're heading south down the I-15:  Exit at Roy Rogers, and you'll still turn right, because the off-ramp makes a big u-turn loop.  Then, follow the preceding directions.  [Thanks to Artist-entrepreneur Grover Wimberly IV of Whim Independent Productions for checking the accuracy of these directions.]
▪ How do I find the Art Show building?  Enter the Fair at where you see the huge entrance-sign, at Desert Knoll Drive.  Park free anywhere in the spacious parking-lot.  Make your way to the signpost with the big "B" on it.  It's on the north side, near the racetrack (and opposite the Victorville Fire Dept. Station #1 over on the south).  Enter the chain-link gate near the "B" sign.  The first building on your left is the Fair office, and the next building is Building #2, where you'll enter Everybody's Art Show!  
▪ Is there a lot of parking?  Huge, enormous, gigantic. 
▪ Price?  Free!
▪ How much is admission?  Free! 
 Will you watch our kids?  Attendees and Artists are wholly responsible for minors in their care.   Adults must accompany all minors.
 Will there be food?  Yes.  The Fair has concessionaires who sell delicious food.   (Careful not to get food or drinks on the Art.)

▪ Why do you call it Everybody's Art Show?  Without Artists, the world would have no movies, books, comic books, music--crazy!  So we're trying to give every Artist--regardless of race, gender, etc.--a chance to show great Art and make a living, without paying $400-$1,000 for a table, or battling other Artists for space, or paying huge earnings-percentages to management.
▪ You don't take a cut of my earnings?  Never.
▪ How do I reserve a Table-Space?  Mail a legible, correctly-completed Application & Contract form, with the Fee.
▪ Where do I get a form?  Click here.  Or click Artist's Application above.   Or email [email protected]; or call 1-442-243-1715.
▪ Where do I mail it?  The Groves Company, P.O. Box 1773, 16333 Green Tree Blvd., Victorville, CA 92395.  
▪ Do I have to use snail-mail?  Yes, because we don't use credit cards or PayPal, in order to keep everybody's costs way down. 
▪ How much is 1 Table-Space?  $75 for each Table-Space, for the entire 8-hour Show--compared to shows costing 5 or 10 times as much.
▪ So, I enclose a Check or Money Order, with my completed Application & Contract, for a Table-Space?  Yes.  It's all explained on the form.  Click here when you're ready to print a hard-copy, complete it, and mail it with your payment.
 What's a Table-Space, anyway?  A Table-Space is a huge 8' x 8' bare space, to show your art; and a huge 3' x 8' bare table; and 2 chairs.
▪ Do I have to set-up the table and chairs, then put them away later?  Never.  That's our job.
 Do I have to bring tables or chairs?  No, we'll supply them.  And ask show-management if you need a third chair for your Table-Space.
How do I find my Table?  Your Table-Space Number is in the Contract-copy mailed to you.  And, your Table will be marked at the Show.
 Can I bring any equipment I want?  Sure, as long as everything you bring is safe, sturdy, appropriate, reasonable, and legal.
Other rules?  No illegality, lewdness, noncompliance, violence, drugs or drug-items, liquor, tobacco, weapons, hazardous or illegal items, or art promoting racism, sexism, homophobia, pedophilia, or bestiality. 
Can kids sell at the Show?  As long as adult Artists accompany, supervise, and take responsibility for minors in their charge, at all times.
 What if someone breaks the rules?  He'll be required to exit right away with no refund.
▪ Can I sell Adult Material?  As long as you keep it appropriately concealed, and out of the reach of minors.  
 Can I share a Table-Space with a buddy?  Yes!  Economize--share 1 Table-Space with 1 or 2 other Artists.  The names of all Artists must    appear on the Application & Contract, and all sign at the bottom.  The Fee remains $75 for 1 Table-Space, whether 1, 2, or 3 Artists use it.
 Can I rent more than 1 Table-Space?  Sure.  As many as you like--we'll tell you if they're available.
 Do I have to provide management a copy of a BOE-410-D Certification, and a copy of a CA Permanent or Temporary Seller's Permit, to exhibit/sell?  Yes, both permits are required.  But they're currently free!  And both should be fairly easy to get.  The website is http://boe.ca.gov/ .  The link to the BOE-410-D application is http://www.boe.ca.gov/pdf/boe410d.pdf .  And the online registration link to get a Seller's Permit is  http://www.boe.ca.gov/info/reg.htm .  Or, call the California Board of Equalization at 1-800-400-7115 to get your 2 required permits now.
▪ What about insurance?  The Groves Company pays group insurance for every Artist at Everybody's Art Show.
How much set-up time do I get?  2 hours, from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.  The Show is to begin at 9.
How much time to pack-up and exit?  Again, 2 hours, from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.  The Show's set to end at 5.
▪ See you there!  By the way, who drew the art for your posters and website?  The one-and-only Deborah Ruedas Groves.