Hi, everyone.  My name's Eric Groves. Sr., and I'm the founder of Everybody's Art Show.  I'm also the proud husband of Suzette, and the proud father of Deborah, and Eric, Jr.  I'll tell you who I am and why our team started Everybody's Art Show.

As a teacher for nearly 30 years, and as the author of several published books--Butt Rot and Bottom Gas, Divine Baby Names, The Everything Classroom Management Book, The Anti-War Quote Book, and more--I believe that art equals life itself.  Without art, life would be as cold and gray and flat as concrete.  As the immortal gay Irish poet Oscar Wilde wrote in his novel The Picture of Dorian Gray (1891), "Life has been your art.  You have set yourself to music.  Your days are sonnets."  Yet most Artists tend to be under-appreciated, and struggle to make a living.  The great African-American writer Langston Hughes said it best in his poem, "Plaint" (1955):  "Money and art / are far apart." 

But it doesn't have to be that way.  If we Artists in every field--painters, poets, novelists, composers, musicians, dancers, sculptors, dramatists, singers, illustrators, graphic designers, and more--band together to sell our own art, on our own terms, without middlemen, we can keep more of what we earn.

That's what Everybody's Art Show is all about.  We've tried to eliminate the art-show practices that destroy an Artist's profits. 
Here are some of the worst:

  • Previewing and pre-judging and rejecting your art because it doesn't seem "saleable" or "good enough."  Who the heck knows what might be "good enough" at an art show?  As Artists, we all have to believe that our art is bound to appeal to somebody.  The same Artists who are rejected might have sold $10,000 worth of artwork for all anyone knows.  At Everybody's Art Show, bring your magnificent art, and we'll let the customers decide what's good enough.

  • Charging customers $70 for tickets and $20 for parking, potentially reducing the number of attendees at an event--as noted by economists Kendall Lisiecki and Jessie Welton in, "The Economic Impact of Recessions on Major League Sports in the United States" (2014):  "[P]eople...may find may find it difficult to give up the additional money it costs to actually attend [an] event.  This could dramatically reduce attendance...."  Meaning, high ticket prices can equal low attendance.  At Everybody's Art Show, attendance is free, parking is free, and both will always be free, in order to potentially maximize the number of people coming to buy your magnificent art.

  • Charging you $400-$1500 or more to exhibit.  Everybody's Art Show charges $75 because that's what my daughter Deborah--a professional Artist--and her Artist colleagues agreed was a fair price for everybody.  We didn't multiply our costs by 3 to arrive at a gigantic profit margin.  Instead, we cut our costs to fit the price, a method espoused by the great entrepreneur Peter Drucker (1909-2005).  We've found--and continue to find--smart, economical, efficient ways to host the Show, making it affordable for all Artists, whether they're established celebrities, or hard-working folks just starting out.

  • Taking a percentage-cut of your profits at the end of a show, often 10%-15%.  This practice must end.  At Everybody's Art Show, we take none of your profits, and we never will.

  • Forcing each Artist to buy insurance.  Everybody's Art Show pays group insurance for every exhibitor, eliminating that cost for you, as well as the headache of showing us that you've got insurance.  Just set up, display your beautiful art, and sell.

  • Giving you tables that are 2 feet x 6 feet, which forces you and your Artist-pals to cram together like sardines.  The tables at Everybody's Art Show are 3 feet x 8 feet, giving you and your colleagues plenty of room to display, socialize, create, and sell.

  • Giving you exhibit-areas that are so cramped that you have to stumble over other Artists and their art just to get to the bathroom.  Our Table-Spaces at Everybody's Art Show are a roomy 8 feet x 9 feet, so that you can stand up, display your art, and comfortably move around as needed.

Thanks for reading, and we all look forward to seeing you at Everybody's Art Show.  Click here now if you'd like to see an Artist Application and reserve your Table-Space today.  Thanks again!